The 4 P’s Towards Extraordinary Success!

The 4 P’s Towards Extraordinary Success!

The 4 P’s of Success in life or business are:

1. Patience – Often times it takes years to launch a new idea and still more time to be successful at it. You have little real control over the thinking of others. Be it the world, family, friends or business associates. Some will come around to your way of thinking others will not. You know it’s a great idea but ‘they’ may not be ready for it. The world is not on your clock.
2. Persistence – If you really believe in what you’re doing you will not give up. Changing your thinking, adjusting the measurements, and revising your plan are all part of the process. Giving up is not.
3. Perspiration – If you don’t do the work nobody else will. You can try paying someone else or coercing them. Unless they see the passion and real commitment from you, likely their effort will not be enough to help you be successful.
4. Passion – You can’t be taught passion, buy it or be given it as a gift. It is so strong others can see it, hear it and almost taste and touch it in the way you present yourself and your ideas. It can’t be faked or forged, true passion is very real. Genuine passion bubbles up from within. You can’t contain or control it and without it your chances for success are slim. 
Find something you are passionate about and start pursuing it now! It could take a while to get there.


Don’t forget to enjoy the journey,

Do you know of any other P’s that drive you to success? Please share with us below….


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