9 Tips for Selling on eBay

9 Tips for Selling on eBay

Want to learn how to make an extra couple hundred dollars a week selling items on eBay?  It’s so simple and I’m using it to supplement my income in conjunction my primary online business.  So far, in my 9 years of marketing online, it’s the safest and quickest way to generate cash.

This income is allowing me to pay some household utility bills and have extra money to shop for other things!

Here are 9 valuable, practical tips I want to share with you to create an income fast selling on eBay:


1.  Weekends are the best time to sell.

Most people get their paychecks on Friday. Therefore, they not only have the money to spend, they also have the time to spend it. So, prepare for the weekend and get all your listings up during the week.

2.  Titles are KING!

Use words in your title that you would use to search for the item your selling. Then add a few similar words that others may use. You can use www.thesaurus.com for ideas or http://title-builder.com/index.php/title-builder provides an excellent resource for suggestions.

3.  Be specific.

Always be honest and as descriptive about the item as you possibly can. This way you will avoid returns and unhappy customers which may result in negative feedback and the end of your eBay business.

4.  Have a great photo.

As I’m sure you’ve heard a thousand times before… a picture is worth a thousand words!  People like to see things before they buy them. Use professional quality photos.

5.  The price is right!!

… remember that show?  You don’t have to have the lowest price on eBay to sell your item if you’ve titled it using good keywords but don’t expect to sell it if it’s outrageously over-priced either. Use your best judgement.

6.  Sell internationally.  

Sometimes other countries have lower competition of eBay sellers and therefore you have the opportunity to sell your item at a higher price.  But don’t forget to account for the shipping costs and extra time to ship.

7.  You’re online reputation is everything.  

eBayers are encouraged to leave feedback, so make sure you’re honest, fast and polite (never rude). If you have consistently positive feedback, you will attract more buyers and they will be willing to pay higher prices.

8.  Track your shipping.

If you don’t, you will regret it. If a customer claims they never received their product, you’re shipping them another one or issuing a refund… period. Remember #7… you want to avoid a negative review at all times.

9.  Always use Paypal.

It costs nothing to set up a Paypal account and allows your buyers to pay you safely and quickly. Also, both eBay and Paypal have dispute resolution tools and staff just in case you need them.


eBay Training VideosThis is a great way to make some side income or work part-time and even build it into a full-time income. I’ve met a gal in our FB training group who has built her eBay business to $250/week and she just started a month ago doing it part-time as she works a full-time job.  I met another guy who has been doing this for a few years now and has built his business to earn $8,000/month. 

I’m taking a course that is teaching me through short 2-10 minute videos how to get up and running, to how to find items to list, to shipping, plus every you need to know, etc. by a top-selling eBay Powerseller without ever having to keep inventory and use very little of my precious time. And it’s helped me pay some bills every week! 

If you can copy and paste, you can do it too!
If you want to learn more, watch a short video explaining how simple the process is and receive information about the training videos.

This could benefit you by helping with:

  • Extra income
  • Car payment
  • Pay off some debt
  • Holiday shopping

Ask me any questions below…
I’m happy to share how you can do the same as me and pay some bills off!



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