About CCPro

Who We Are
A single, home-based operation, that has organically grown into the world’s fastest-growing, Internet marketing education and resource company with customers in over 100 countries. What started as one person’s pursuit of additional income by harnessing the power of the Internet has turned into one of the largest communities of successful Internet-based entrepreneurs, selflessly sharing and leveraging each other’s strategies and tactics.

What We Believe
If you are not working for yourself, you are working for someone else.  The difference between the two, in terms of potential for success and self-fulfillment, is vast. In a world that is reeling from lost opportunity, corporate irresponsibility, and mismanagement, we believe that it is possible for anyone who has the desire and the will, equipped with the proper education, to become a successful Internet-based entrepreneur. 

What We Do
CarbonCopyPRO creates an environment for entrepreneurs to cultivate opportunities for financial success through education and hard work. We show the average person how to achieve above average results using simple tools like the Internet, their telephone, and a pad of paper. These tools are available to almost anyone and can be lethal if combined with vision, passion, and focus.

How We Do It
By providing a sound, marketing education to anyone with the capacity to turn desire into action, we empower our members to build successful Internet-based businesses. What we teach is not taught in traditional classrooms, anywhere. It is the collective knowledge of dozens of experienced, self-taught entrepreneurs who have all attained a certain degree of success, and compiled their experiences into a virtual university for the benefit of all of our members. Our members are among the few in this world who are willing to turn around and help those on the ladder below them.

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