Stressed Professional Now Works From Home

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It was a about one and half years ago I was a stressed out professional and frustrated marketer. Now I’m working from home and make more money with less time than with any other opportunity that I’ve tried.

If you are looking for an system that works, then you’ve found it with PRO. And the people you meet with change you life.

-Mark W, UT
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I Lost My ‘Dream’ Job

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A year ago I lost my “dream” job in technical sales and I thought everything was over financially for my family. However, I discovered CarbonCopyPro a month later and my life has never been the same since!

Even though I live on an island off Canada, and even though I was brand new to online marketing, thanks to CarbonCopyPRO our new found financial freedom allowed my wife and I to go on a deluxe 3-week trans-Atlantic cruise vacation!

I now THANK my former employer for letting me go when they did! And “Thank You” CarbonCopyPRO for giving me the freedom to work my own hours, work from my own home, and take dream vacations, all with a truly turnkey “Business in a Box”!

-David A, BC

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After Reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”…

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I was born and raised in NJ. I now live with my fiancé Joe in Staten Island, New York and I am looking forward to being Aniko Giampietro in the next few months. I graduated Rutgers University Business School. After college, I started off in sales in the financial services industry. Two years later, after reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, I decided to focus on building a voluntary benefits insurance business because of the residual model.

It was the residual model that attracted me to the to the MLM industry 5 years ago. For the first 3 years I stuck with one company, but unfortunately the attrition was high. After thousands of dollars and a lot of time invested, I had little income to show for it. Although I struggled, I was relentless, determined and persistent.

I found WMI in October of 2006, and as soon as CarbonCopyPRO launched everything changed. The first 8 weeks of marketing CarbonCopyPRO I generated over $19,000, and multiple five figure months since then. I am living the life of my dreams, and I am so passionate about assisting people to live the life of their dreams. I am on a mission to make a difference and change people’s lives. I am so grateful to be a part of this community and give back in any way I can.

-Aniko F, NY
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Teaching Me The Power Of Leverage

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Wow! Thank you CarbonCopyPRO for teaching me the Power of Leverage!

I now earn more in a single day than I used to earn in 2 months while stuck in Corporate America. The best thing is that I can achieve these results while working only a few hours a day.

Your system is complete, easy to use and totally duplicable. I now live the lifestyle of my dreams, doing what I want, when I want. CarbonCopyPRO is the best Marketing System on the planet!

-Greg M, CA
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Searching For Ways To Supplement My Retirement Fund

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As a single woman in my 50s working as a home-based translator, I knew my savings would need a serious boost if I was ever going to be able to retire. But as in any freelance profession there was a ceiling on my earnings – every hour not spent at my desk was an hour I wasn’t getting paid.

Searching for ways to supplement my retirement fund I joined an MLM company. But with no sales or marketing experience and no proper training, I was having no success whatsoever. Until one day I happened to click on an ad that led me to CarbonCopyPRO.

One single click of the mouse that has changed my life forever.

Six months and $100k later and I’m no longer a translator but a full-time Internet entrepreneur.

Those six months have been the happiest of my 35-year working life. Now I choose my own working hours instead of chasing deadlines. Now I’m part of a community of like-minded people from all around the world. Now I know how to market my business and am earning more than I ever dreamed was possible.

Instead of worrying about the future, I’m now on course for the best years of my life. And it’s all thanks to CarbonCopyPRO.

-Ann M, England

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Relocating From UK To The Sunny Caribbean

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I’m 36 years old, originally from the UK, soon relocating to the sunny Caribbean thanks to CarbonCopyPRO. After 13 years making other people rich in the corporate world , I decided to set free my entrepreneurial spirit with MLM. 4 years later I realized that I had been riding the slowest horse in town with MLM, so I jumped onboard with CarbonCopyPRO and made over $10,000 in my first month.

It’s my honor to serve other entrepreneurs as part of the Millionaire Mastermind Group. As a marketer, I love Web 2.0 and especially video marketing, Youtube and Facebook. My greatest passion is teaching and empowering other entrepreneurs to think bigger than they ever did, become leaders and play their greatest game. Like Edison said “We would literally astound ourselves if we did what we were really capable of”. I look forward to helping YOU create that extraordinary life you deserve.

-Gregg D, Caribbean
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