Answers to Receive Financial Freedom

Answers to Receive Financial Freedom


These are questions I’ve heard from team members who I’ve worked closely with over the years. They keep coming up so I knew many are looking for some solid, professional answers. The following are the most common:


1.  How do I stay focused on working towards my financial goals when others who are important to me aren’t on the same page?

Every now and then I get this question from a prospective business client who has attended a presentation and understands the Big Picture but their spouse or loved one doesn’t get it. The most important thing to understand here is that you have your own life to live.  Your partner or your family are a big part of your life but they are not your life.  Always remember that you are the hub of the wheel and everything and everyone else is a spoke in your wheel or your universe.  So, the first thing is to not feel like you cannot do what you have to do because of someone else.  

Own your own power.  

You should be able to ask them to respect that this is important to you and to support you for that and that you’re willing to respect their position and support them for that if need be, but you can’t let them stop you or you won’t be happy.  The critical part is to tell the truth (your feelings, beliefs, desires) but with compassion.  If your discussion has compassion, the conversation will be much more productive.

2.  How do I stop the self-sabotage?  I refuse to make the money that’s right in front of me, I doubt myself and I don’t take action.

The opposite of action is fear.  To say that you’re not afraid would be ridiculous, as everyone has fear.  The only distinction is are you willing to act in spite of fear.  Most people feel fear and they say to themselves, “Oh no, I fear this so I should stop.”  Fear is not a stop sign.  Fear is a yellow sign, then green. Imagine what your life would be like if you actually trained yourself that when you feel fear and you feel like stopping, you actually say go and press harder on the gas pedal, what would your life look like?  Someone who takes risks and goes for it.  This is the kind of person you have to be if you want success in your life.  This is the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people.  Successful people feel the fear and and say to themselves,

“I am scared to death, but I gotta go for it.”  

And then once your in action, fear goes away.

What's Your Financial Goal?

3.  Why is it that everytime I get involved in something that’s hot, it dies out?

The fact that it’s hot and it dies out, doesn’t exist. I hate to burst your bubble, but it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, it’s you that is hot and you die out.  It’s never about the outside world. I know it’s so easy to think that way but it’s really about the mental, emotional and spiritual world that create the physical reality. I also know that when your physical world (your situation) isn’t working for you, it’s easy to blame an outside influence. But if you can

increase your consciousness and your own enlightenment,

you will find that is where the answer is. For example, it’s like looking at a tree, and the tree is full of lemons. And you say to yourself, “I don’t want a lemon tree.  I want an apple tree.” What do most people do?  Most people get a ladder and a bushel of apples, they climb up the tree and pick off the lemons, and proceed to tape up the apples. They climb down the ladder and look at the tree and excitedly say, “Oh my goodness!  Look at my apple tree!  I’m so happy!!” Then what happens? They come back next season and the tree is back to being a lemon tree. The solution to the problem was fixed in the outer world. The outer world is a reflection of the inner world and it’s always temporary. The inner world is permanent. You can control your inner world but you cannot control your outer world. If you take care of the roots, the fruits will take care of themselves.

4.  How do I replace my fears with powerful thoughts?

There are several ways to do this with various different techniques, but first reflect on this… negative thinking is a habit. Negative thinking is a habit. How you got that habit is not important. How you get out of that habit is important. We need to replace that habit with a different habit. That’s the only way you can change a habit. We’re creatures of habit, so one has to replace the other. So how do you do that? Well, first of all, you have to catch yourself everytime you do the unsupportive habit. For example, let’s say you want to lose some weight. Every night around bedtime, you find yourself hungry and you eat. Since you’ve made the decision to lose some weight, you tell yourself you’re not going to eat at night at all. Most likely what will end up happening is you will end up eating everything because you’re depriving yourself completely. So, the best course of action is to choose to eat but make the choice to eat something healthy. So you’re replacing a bad habit (eating ice-cream) with a good habit (eating a banana). It’s the same with your mindset and your negative thinking. You must have a methodology that catches it, and then allows you to change. Everytime you have negative thoughts, pinch yourself so you stop or you say to yourself out loud, “CANCEL” and then immediately have a ‘go to’ thought that you can think of. My ‘go to’ thought is my son. Whenever I think of him, my whole demeanor changes.

5.  Why is it so important to “give back” in the form of charity financially to become wealthy, when money is so tight?

So many financial and personal development experts always recommend saving 5-10% of your income after taxes to give to charity. And I know you’re thinking, “I can barely make it myself! How I am supposed to help somebody else? That’s crazy.” Two reasons:

  1. First and foremost, the reason you give is to help others.
  2. There is something beyond all of us, and it is a universal law.

What you give is what you get.  

CharityUsing this universal law, you have to give in order to be able to get. Some people say they will give their time. That’s only good if you want time back in return. If you take your consciousness off of just you and on to helping other people, it shows and declares to the universe that you are abundant. That you have enough. That you are doing well. And your declaration changes your cellular structure. When you say, “I don’t have enough to give to anybody else.”, you are telling the universe that you don’t have enough and it responds by saying, “Okay, that’s the message. I got it. You don’t have enough. I’ll make sure.” versus you saying, “I have enough to help other people.” and the universe says, “Okay, fine. I’ll make sure you have enough.” So, it’s up to the messages you want to give to the universe as to how you want to live. Plus, you’ll feel good!

6.  How do I earn money?

An entrepreneur, business owner, or an employee must provide value and solve problems for people at a profit or for pay. So you must be a problem-solver. How do you earn money?

By solving more problems for more people.

How do you earn more money? By solving even more problems. For example, let’s say you are a massage therapist. If you work your fingers to the bone, so to speak, you can massage 8 people in a day. There is only a certain amount of income that comes with that per day. So what would you have to do to solve more problems to earn more money? First, you would have to increase the people you massage to 20, 30, or 50 people per day. Only one problem with this… one person can’t do that many in one day. So you must learn to leverage other people. If you get paid for your time, there is a really good chance you will never be wealthy. You may be financially free, but never truly wealthy.  Because you’re limited like the massage therapist who can only do 8 people a day. Wealth rule #1 is No Ceilings On Your Income, meaning the amount of money you can earn is limitless. So the massage therapist would need to open up a massage therapy center and have 2, 3, or 500 massage therapists working for them. So, it’s all about solving problems and giving people value. Money is a reward. Money is a result. If you focus on going and earning a lot of money, you’ll never earn any money. You have to say, “Here’s the problem that I solve, how do I solve this problem for more people.”

7.  What is the best formula for creating wealth for a beginner?

Start with your area of interest, what you love, your natural gifts and talents.

It’s all about the passion for what you do.

Start with what you love and be confident that you can do well in any arena as long as you have a passion for it. And then you need the knowledge to do it.

  • The knowledge that works for all businesses such as negotiations, marketing, sales, financial, etc. Bottom line though… if you’re not a good marketer, it won’t matter what you do or what you’ve got, it will make no difference, you’ll never make it. Be willing to be trained or learn these set of skills or find someone who is and make them a partner. Why is marketing so important? Because that’s where people get to find out the problem that you can solve for them and tell them how you’re different from people who say the same thing. You absolutely have to have a unique proposition about yourself. What makes you different? If you’re normal, you won’t be truly successful. Stand out! Show your energy and your uniqueness!

It is vital that you take control of your financial thermostat, meaning your mindset. If you don’t, you are doomed to stay exactly where you are. Your thermostat is set for ‘X’ amount. How do you know what that amount is? Just look at your bank account.

8.  What is the best way to create some passive income?

Without passive income you can never become free. What’s the big problem with passive income? You’re programmed not to earn passive income! For example, when you were a teenager and you wanted some money, what did your parents say to you? Did they say, “Well then go out there and earn some passive income!”? Most likely not. You most likely heard something like, “Go to work or get a job!”. So most of us learned to work for money. If we wanted money we knew we had to work. This has been conditioned within us.

In order to receive passive income, we must condition ourselves that we can receive money with no work.

Love your lifeSome may say this is impossible. But it’s not. You can create a reality or a situation where it can be systemized and the system is going to work instead of you. And this can be a source of income for you. In this instance, the problem (because we are problem-solvers) is going to be solved (because that’s how we get paid) without you. What does that mean? Let’s use another example. Say we are in cash-flow real estate. What problem are you solving? Someone is getting the chance to live in your house. Are you there to put time in? No, the house is the system that is providing the problem-solving that is working without you.

One of the biggest opportunities for passive income right now is on the internet because the internet is growing by leaps and bounds while every other business is struggling. The future is the internet. The future is online income or online earnings. The beauty of the online business is that it can be set up so easily to work without you where it can become passive income.

Break free. Live the life you’re meant to live. Own your own power. Come and go as you please. You’re not under anybody else’s thumb.

Remember, education is the key. Why? Because you can learn to succeed. Every master was once a disaster. Everybody that is good at something now was once terrible at it. You can train yourself to succeed. If I were to ask you if you could walk a mile today, you would probably say you could walk a mile today. Could you run a mile today without stopping? Maybe, maybe not. Could you walk 25 miles right now? Many people would say yes. If I asked you if you could run 25 miles right now? Many people would say no. What if I changed that question just a little bit. What if the run is still 25 miles but it’s a year from now. Would you say you could do it? Most people will now say yes, they could. Why? What’s the difference? Training. You could train yourself for the task. Training is the answer for this task. You can’t will it, you can’t hope it, you can’t use The Secret for it. But you can train for it and then you’ll do it. And there is several facets of your training… there is endurance, your legs, your heart, as well as your mindset, etc. Same with wealth. Same with success. Same with financial freedom. If you’re not willing to train yourself, then why would you expect to be able to complete the task in a year? In a year you won’t, and in 2 years you won’t, and in 10 years you won’t, and in 20 years you’re still going to be looking at the same situation for yourself. Because if you can’t run the 25 miles now, what is going to change? At some point it will take you training to do it, whether it’s this year, next year, or in 20 years from now.

Therefore, give yourself the gift of knowledge and education to acquire the tools and skills you need in order to be a problem-solver.

You deserve success,



Let me know you’re most pressing business questions below… would love to hear from you!

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