Three Best Techniques To Get Your Headline Read

Three Best Techniques To Get Your Headline Read

Here are three secrets or techniques that are used by professional copywriters. If you use these correctly, these techniques will significantly increase the responses from your advertisements, websites, and email subject lines. Get excited! Once you know these, you will know more than 99% of your competition.

The top marketers and sales professionals in the world study copywriting because it is the single most important skill to acquire for your success in marketing. Why is it so important to have a well-written headline or title? Because without a title that captures the attention of your reader, your sales letter or email will never be read.


Technique 1 – Use Reinforcers In Your Headline

Reinforcers are words that encourage someone to read a title when they are just glancing through it. An example of a reinforcer is the word ‘You‘. The word ‘You’ tells someone that they are the subject of conversation thereby offering a benefit to them to read more. Therefore, headlines containing the word ‘You‘ often get read more often.

On the opposite side of this, there are filters. Filters are words that discourage someone to want to read a title or headline. An example of a filter word is the word ‘I‘. The word ‘I‘ tells someone that someone else is the subject of conversation and therefore there is no benefit to them to want to read more.

The identification of reinforcers and filters is significant to the construction of your headlines. Try to use more reinforcer words and less filter words for increased readership.

More examples of reinforcer words for you to use are:

Free     Now     Secrets     How     Fast     Easy     Save     Instantly     Announcing     Guarantee     New     Results     Sale     Proven     Discovery     Finally     Yes     Why     Quickly     Amazing     Suddenly



Technique 2 – Make Your Headline Stand Out

Here are 6 ways to make your headline on a website stand out in order to increase your readership.

  1. Use a larger font.
  2. Use a different font.
  3. Use a different font color.
  4. Use a super and/or sub-headline. Super headlines are introductory lines above the main headline that help set the scene for the major headline. Sub headlines are after the main headline that expand on the subject. These headlines are typically in a smaller font so that the main headline is capturing the attention of the reader.
  5. Use quotation marks.  There have been studies done showing that by placing quotation marks around a headline increases believability and recall ability by 28%.
  6. Emphasize reinforcer words. You can do this with bold, italic, underline, CAPITALS, colored text or highlighted text. This will attract the readers eyes to them, but use this effect sparingly or it will lose it’s effectiveness.

Headline Techniques

Technique 3 – Use A Picture Or Video With Your Headline

Remember the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. There is a reason the most successful direct mail and print advertising campaigns have pictures. Place a picture on the left-hand side of your headline to attract the reader to the main headline. Since a video is similar to pictures but with words and motion, it is much, much stronger at holding the reader’s attention.

If you choose to use a picture, keep these important attention factors in mind:

  • Action pictures attract more attention than still pictures.
  • Pictures of people engage more attention than pictures of products.
  • Attractive people gain more attention than unattractive people.
  • Children attract more attention than adults.
  • Large groups of people captivate more attention than smaller groups.
  • Portraits gain more attention than full pictures.
  • Color pictures are more engaging than black and white pictures.
  • Vertical shapes gain more attention than horizontal.
  • Circles attract more attention than squares.

Top copywriters spend more time thinking about the headline than anything else because they know that the headline is read 5 times more than the sales letter or copy in the website and most importantly it accounts for 80% of an advertisement’s success.

I hope these techniques inspire you with confidence to write successful headlines each and every time!

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Wishing you creative and powerful headlines,

Nicole Peterson


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  1. Christine Says:

    GREAT tips and lots of value here! Understanding the difference of reinforcers and filters is key…a good reminder for me to go back and review some existing headlines I have. I also loved the breakdown of pictures and graphics, which are stronger vs. weaker. Some great tips I will be implementing immediately! THANKS for sharing!
    Christine´s last blog post ..Matthew &amp Christine Kominiak Official Site


    • Nicole Says:

      Your welcome Christine!!
      Even while writing this, I was reminded of how important and simple these small steps can be, yet make such a big difference for a successful campaign.


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