Failure Is Not An Option

Failure Is Not An Option



Whenever you feel…

that you can’t do something or

something is too hard or

if you feel you’re a failure at everything and

nothing you do is right and

it feels like the universe is completely against you.


Ask yourself if you would continue to succeed after all this (one man’s journey through life):

(this is based on a true story)


AGE  7  Worked to support family after they were forced out of their home.

AGE  9  Mother died.

AGE 22  Failed in business.

AGE 23  Defeated for legislature and couldn’t get into law school.

AGE 24  Declared bankruptcy and spent 17 years paying off debts owed to friends.

AGE 25  Defeated for legislature again.

AGE 26  While engaged to be married, sweetheart died and heart was broken.

AGE 27  Had a nervous breakdown and spent the next 6 months in bed.

AGE 29  Defeated in becoming the speaker of the state legislature.

AGE 31  Defeated in becoming elector.

AGE 34  Defeated for congress.

AGE 37  Defeated for congress again.

AGE 39  Defeated for congress yet again.

AGE 40  Rejected for the job of land officer in home state.

AGE 45  Defeated for senate.

AGE 47  Defeated for vice-president.  Received less than 100 votes.

AGE 49  Defeated for senate again.




At what age would you have thrown in the towel?

Never stop trying, never give up, never stop dreaming, and always go after you’re passions with everything inside of you… no matter what!  Afterall, failure is not an option!




Oh… and are you wondering which president???  It was Abraham Lincoln who was quoted for saying, “My great concern is not whether you have failed.  But whether you are content with your failure.” Profound.

Expect to fail, the most successful people have more failures than unsuccessful people. Then keep moving forward and try again until you succeed. Then celebrate!

Wishing you determination and drive,

Nicole Peterson



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