How To Create Any Video in 6 Easy Steps

How To Create Any Video in 6 Easy Steps

Videos are hot, hot, HOT!! Especially if you want to get your brand out there.

There are many different types of videos you can put together:

  • About me video
  • YouTube video
  • Sales video
  • Squeeze video
  • Registration video
  • YouTube Trailer video, etc.

Any type of video you can think of.
Here are 6 easy steps to creating an amazing video that sells:



What is the intention of your video. Each video you create needs to have a goal, or a result, or an ROI. For example, is it designed to get more traffic, is it designed to build your list, is it designed to teach, to sell, to get people to register. You need to make sure your clear before you start recording your video what the intention is.

2.  LOOK/FEELVideo_Camera

Visualize what your video looks like and how it feels. Is it going to be a talking head video LOL (that sounds funny) where you’re just talking into the camera? Is it a screen-capture video? Is it a keynote or powerpoint video? Is it a video of you walking around? Is it a video of you with a whiteboard behind you? What does your video look like?


Script or at least outline every one of your videos. Most people just want to press record and start talking. If you plan out the words that you say, how you say it, and what order you say them, you’re more likely to obtain your intention much more powerfully. You’re more likely to get the end result and get more people to take action and get them engaged and listen to your message and do what you tell them to do. Otherwise, sometimes you may find yourself rambling a little bit and getting off course. When you script, you can be clear and concise with your message.


When you know what your intention is, when you know what it’s going to look like, and when you know what you’re going to say, the next logical step is to film it and record. And when you’ve completed the above 3 steps and prepared, this step actually becomes the easiest one of them all.


When you’re done filming your video, you’re going to have raw footage that could have mistakes in the middle and some footage you want to cut out at the end. It may be as easy as trimming the edges and adding some music. But if you want to turn it into an absolute masterpiece that’s way beyond what your abilities are then you may want to consider outsourcing and having someone who can edit it for you. Editing will bring your videos to life!


A finished video that’s an absolute masterpiece needs to be shared with the world and broadcasted! How do we do that? There’s 2 places. The first one is a public hosting solution such as YouTube. If your goal is to get more traffic and to get more people to find you, then post your video on YouTube.

But you may not want everyone to see all of your videos. Sometimes your videos may be just for members or you may have sales videos that you only want certain people to see. This is where you will want to turn to a private hosting solution. You can combine a piece of software called Amazon S3 hosting and Easy Video Suite.

That’s it! Those are the 6 steps.

It becomes a little less scary and a little more tangible when you have it all outlined, doesn’t it?


Try the 6 easy steps on your next video film production
and let us know how it works for you in the comments below!

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Most of all… have fun filming!




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