Interview with 7-Figure Earner Lisa Grossmann!

Interview with 7-Figure Earner Lisa Grossmann!
Meet Lisa Grossman. She’s one of the most compelling international speakers in network marketing, not to mention a 7-figure earner. Her innovative solutions have helped transform businesses worldwide and she knows the secrets to building large networks. Lisa has built several multimillion dollar organizations over her network marketing career.
My friend and team-mate Jenni Ryan and I had the honor of ‘hanging out’ with Lisa. In this interview, you will hear some of her golden nuggets:
  1. What Lisa did differently to go from being a 6 figure earner to a 7 figure earner
  2. The steps she took to build an organization of 24,000 people in 10 months
  3. The 3 questions she asks everyone to have them look at her business presentations that works every time
  4. The one thing you should avoid at all cost if you want to build a large team for life
  5. Lisa shares here biggest insight to what really sells people on any business and her secret to network marketing
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Hope you got as much value from Lisa as we did! 
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