How To Mass Unfollow Your Twitter Unfollowers For Free!

How To Mass Unfollow Your Twitter Unfollowers For Free!


This amazing twitter resource will allow you to mass unfollow your twitter followers easily, quickly, and best of all… for free!

Free Twitter Unfollow or Paid

Many of the tools that used to do this are no longer available for free. You must pay to have any automatic tool, or unfollow one by one…. ouch, painful!

No time for in today’s society between running kids around to their activities, making snacks and meals, cleaning up sticky hands and furniture…. I digress.  :)  This is a big part of my busy life as a single mom (and I do enjoy it… well, not the cleaning part)!

My point is that we all have things in our lives that either need to get done or that we want to do rather than sit in front of our computer checking off boxes of profile pictures from people who are not following us back on twitter.  Wow, that really put it into perspective, didn’t it?

Twitter Video How To

YouTube Preview Image

And it’s that simple!  Happy unfollowing!

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Also, please leave me a comment below and tell me if this has helped you.


Happy tweeting,

Nicole Peterson


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14 Responses to “How To Mass Unfollow Your Twitter Unfollowers For Free!”

  1. Zoe deLuca Says:

    Thanks Nicole

    This is a gem of a tool. It does take some time to update when you have big numbers of followers but it is definitely worth the wait!

    You can unfollow more than 100 people at once by highlighting and then arrowing through to the next page and reapeating this process before hitting the unfollow button.

    I also love that you can sort the accounts you are chosing to unfollow by length of time since they last tweeted, how talkative they are and whther they follow you back or not.

    Like I said – gem of a tool. Thank you for sharing.

    Cheers – Zoe
    Zoe deLuca´s last blog post ..The Best Social Media Marketing Training on the Planet Become a Social Media Super Hero Seminars


  2. Christine Kominiak Says:

    Hey Nicole, great quick tutorial here. I had searched for SO LONG to find a free ‘unfollow’ tool…eventually gave up and purchased Tweet Adder 3 (one-time fee, versus monthly) to help me manage my Twitter account. But I did give this one a try after-the-fact when I had more folks asking me specifically about a free unfollow tool. So glad you took the time to do a tutorial and to get people pointed to a more productive ‘Twitter Life’! I’ll be happy to share this now when I’m asked what to do about mass unfollowing on Twitter!
    Christine Kominiak´s last blog post ..Matthew &amp Christine Kominiak Official Site


    • Nicole Says:

      Hey Christine…. yes, me too, I searched for a free tool a while ago and gave up. Just recently thought I would try again. I’ve also tried Tweet Adder and it’s a fabulous tool if someone wants to spend the money, it is well worth it. But I know that many don’t have the funds so a free alternative is always nice to have in your back pocket!

      Thanks for commenting and sharing!


  3. Sue Paananen Says:

    Thanks Nicole, This is super cool! I’ll definitely remember and use this unfollow tool!
    Sue Paananen´s last blog post ..iframe Tutorial Easy For Anyone


  4. Rekha Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this…I was sitting there unfollowing one by one…until I read this valuable information!


  5. Isaac Tobelen Says:

    Nicole, thank you so much for this video tutorial! I’ve gotten a bit lazy with Twitter since I had so many of these automated tools following people, and then i found myself with a lot of them not following me back.

    Going back to unfollow these people seemed like a drag.

    But not anymore!

    Thanks Nicole, MUCH appreciated.


    • Nicole Says:

      Your welcome Isaac!

      Although, if it is a paid automated Twitter tool that you have, it most likely has the capability to unfollow those people who are not following you back automatically. If you don’t have an automatic paid tool, the is a great site.

      Happy tweeting!


  6. Ana Carter Says:

    Hi Nicole, I used to unfollow one by one, and then found twitter karma and then On January 15, 2010, Twitter instructed then to remove the “bulk unfollow” capability. Again went back to one by one. As you said it is not fun. Thanks for your info. Just used the manageflitter and it is really easy and fast. Thanks again.

    Ana Carter
    Ana Carter´s last blog post ..What Does It Take to Start LGN International to Earn Extra Income Working From Home


    • Nicole Says:

      Thanks for the added value to this conversation Ana. Hopefully the unfollow with manageflitter will last!!

      I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!


  7. bambam Says:

    thank you so much very helpful


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