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nicole_summerHi there! Nicole Peterson here…

As the editor/publisher of this blog  ;-), I would like to personally welcome you to my safe haven of interests, passions, and endeavours.  My ambition here is to create a community of individuals who are interested in online marketing, personal growth, and the matters of personal finances, meaning money… who isn’t interested in that??

Funny question for me because if someone were to ask me about money matters 6 years ago, I’m sure my eyes would have rolled over and I would have tried my darndest (is that a word?) to leave the room and go find someone who was talking about much more interesting matters!  How times have changed!  That’s been a small part of my personal growth over the past few years.  I now find the subject extremely enlightening, but that’s because my circumstances changed.  Before, I relied on other people to look after my finances, but after being close to bankruptcy, I chose to take matters into my own hands and rely on myself.  How invigorating, rewarding, and empowered I feel now!  Life is most certainly a journey… and a very exciting journey.

I live a full and busy life as a mother of 2 amazing and loving children.  We are located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada… a 30 minute drive from Toronto, home of the CN Tower.  Summer’s here are absolutely beautiful and the leaves change colors in the fall when the air is crisp and clean.  And then comes winter…. and it’s fffffrreeeeezin’ cold here!!  This is the time to get out and travel  ;-), which I’m fortunate and blessed enough to accomplish.

Toronto Skyline

Toronto Skyline

My days are filled with kids’ recreational activities such as dance, soccer, swimming.  For me, I enjoy hiking, tennis, and roller-blading.  Notice they’re all warm weather activities!!  I may have been born in the wrong country (meaning too far north of the equator… lol) but I’m still extremely proud to be Canadian!

And of course my days are also filled with my business, part of which is this blog.  One of the biggest reasons why I love my business is the flexibility I have to work around my children’s schedule.  I’m thrilled that I can choose to work when the kids are in school and be there to pick them up at 3pm while other children have nannies or I see the kids who are getting on buses to go to their after-school daycare.  When the kids have field trips, I enjoy being one of the volunteers and spending my time with them on those special days.  And one of the best reasons why I love my business is that my children are learning all about the benefits of being an entrepreneur, being a business owner, and being you’re own boss, and that you can earn a good income and still have time to spend with your family.  I’m so grateful for my kid’s love and laughter, my family and friends, my business, and everything life has to offer.  And I thoroughly enjoy meeting and sharing with others from all over the world.

Grab a Java!Here you’ll find hundreds of tips, resources, and in-depth knowledge to super-charge your business.  Please come and visit often, sit, and have a cup of java with me!  ;-)  Starbucks anyone??  My favorite java is the Grande Chai Latte Non-Fat.  What will you have?

Your comments and feedback are always welcome!!  I sincerely hope you enjoy and benefit from the information here.

Wishing You Nothing But Success!

Nicole R. Peterson

Mother, Daughter, Friend, Blogger, Marketer, Lover of Life

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