How to Sell Without Selling

How to Sell Without Selling

This is a painful inquiry I can honestly say I wish I heard more people asking. Don’t you hate the email you get from someone which just contains a link to their newest, baddest business opportunity?

Or what about the blatant, shameless spamming all over social media websites? Unfortunately, most network marketers haven’t been taught the right way to market their business on the internet.

So how do you sell your business properly… without looking like the used-car salesman or a slimy snake oil salesman?

You write about all the pain caused by the problem that someone (your prospect) would want solved. You DON’T write about your product and all the benefits!

Get inside your new prospective business partners ‘head’ and write to them about all the pain they’re experiencing or could be experiencing soon if they wait.

And even though you’re ‘not selling’ in your email, you most definitely still have your Call to Action.

And yes, you still will include your URL (either aggressively or passively). 

But you don’t need to hammer your audience with benefits. Instead, hammer them with painful symptoms they’re feeling (or could feel if they don’t find a solution) so that they’re just dying to see what your solution is.

See? If you’re reminding them of the pain they don’t want to feel anymore, you’ve already sold them on your solution before you’ve even presented it!

How will this help your sales?

It’s all about TRUST.

You’re emailing them every day and letting them know that you understand their pain. You’re bonding with them because you’re not ‘pitching’ them. They start to trust you and think of you as their go-to person for help.

This tactic will prepare your person to actively be looking for a solution when they see your landing page, instead of being on guard against a sales pitch.


And the best part is….

You don’t have to be a copywriting expert. 

You don’t have to mention your product.

All you need to know is your target market and these emails will write themselves.

Go write a “pain” email right now. Think about all the pains your product solves and watch what happens.


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  1. Jenni Ryan Says:

    yes yes yes! great post!
    Jenni Ryan´s last blog post ..It is Possible to Live Your Dream Life


  2. Holly Nunan Says:

    Oh yes! A pet hate of mine is network marketers shouting on Facebook and love the tips you’ve outlined above. Gotta make it all about THEM if you want to succeed with your “pitch” for sure.


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