Success = Pure Passion, Blind Focus and Skillset

Success = Pure Passion, Blind Focus and Skillset

Are you suffering from a lack of people to speak to in your network marketing business that you’ve decided it would be easier to leave your leftover sandwich crumbs from lunch under your keyboard just to see how many ants you can attract? Maybe you’ve decided you will attract an army into your business…. an army of ants!

Success in the network marketing industry isn’t as elusive as some may think and that most are experiencing. The people I see in this industry who have the most amount of success have 3 qualities: 

  1. Passion
  2. Focus
  3. Skills

If you have only 2 of these…. success still won’t be yours. You MUST have all three! The first is to have passion and absolutely love what you’re doing. And when I say you must have passion, I mean it wakes you up first thing in the morning before the alarm clock goes off, it seeps into you’re thoughts all day (so much so, you wonder why you’re boss pays you to daydream all day), it keeps you awake at night and it’s in your dreams and you still love it! This source of energy will keep you moving forward and building towards achieving your goals.

focusThen, you must be focused. Have your clear goals set out and go after them today as if you were dying tomorrow and you just can’t put it off till tomorrow because that would mean they won’t get done and your kids will have to do it for you… which means they still may not get done. LOL

I speak to a lot of people in this industry that are hopping around from one business to another and I also speak to people who are focused on more than 2 businesses. Some of them are doing more than 3 different businesses! Do you think those people are focused? Do you think it’s possible to build a large team in more than one company at the same time? People will follow the leaders who have a clear vision. Is that you?

skillsThird, to be successful, you must have skills. If you don’t have the skills needed for your industry to be successful and become an effective leader, then find a mentor who does or take some courses and then immediately turn around and put into practice what you’ve learned and teach others. If you don’t, you will be counting ants! 

With these 3 qualities… you will move mountains (do you hear a sappy song playing in your head)? You’ll need all 3 qualities when it comes to a time when some ‘limiting beliefs’ invade your head or when you feel like giving up or when you think you just can’t do something new. Your passion, focus and skills will squash these. 

Network Marketing = Free Enterprise 

So be proud, go share and build your business!

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”
— Field Marshal Ferdinand Foch

What’s your story (funny or otherwise) you can share that shows how much passion and focus you have? Do you accidentally give the dog your bowl of cereal and eat the dog’s food?

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